Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception of the First International Spiritist Youth Weekend happened on July 6, 2018 at 6 pm in the Sheraton Tysons Hotel.

Its purpose was to welcome teens, their families and the adult facilitators in a healthy fun atmosphere. Participants were served cupcakes and refreshments while playing healthy Spiritist Games created by the General Coordination of the event. See the games below.

The Creative Interpretation of the teens who won the hotel accomodation were exhibited while a loving team welcomed each participant with their welcome kit composed of: a bag, a t-shirt, a folder containing the message Under the Sun of the Truth by Emmanuel / Chico Xavier, an activity named Spiritual Contract, a Kardec Radio pen, a Kardec Radio mirror, an Intelligent Sleep box (mini bottle of Spring water, lavender sache, and the explanation regarding how to engage into an intelligent sleep). Each participant also signed a Harmony Code as a commitment with the general good of the event. (Click on the pictures below and "Go to Link" at the bottom right of the picture to view the pdf version of the document.)
Spiritist Games

These are some of the games that were played at the Welcome Reception.

Feel free to use them as well.

Click on the picture below to see pictures of the Welcome Reception

Spiritist Pictionary
Word Cards Spiritist Pictionary
Spiritist to the Arts
Reincarnation Memory Game